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This is the homepage of the Wachter family, living in Hunsrück, Germany (south of Mosel west of Rhein). These are the things we enjoy:
  • Hear musik (Hip, Jazz, Folk, Techno)
  • Make musik (diatonic akkordeon, sax, piano, percussion, vocals)
  • Watersports (paddling, surfing, diving, sailing)
  • Celebrating, dancing, laughing
  • Scouting
  • Star watching (with a small telescope)
These are our professions:
  • Pädagogic in primary school
  • Programming
But they are enjoing us as well !
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Watchtower smiles and looks around!
In the meanwhile the family has been involved with a number of other homepages:
  • he Radio of the primary schoTol in Gödenroth welleG
  • Unser Songbook arranged for diatonic akkordeon and voices, with tabulature, notes, chords, words, & General Midi song
  • Collected Djembé-drumpatterns.
  • The Homepage of the a cappella Gruppe Frieda! where daughter Nikola sings.
  • The Homepage of Nikola Frroggie-Queen
  • Examples for JavaScript (grapped somewhere from the net, to understand)
  • The Job with haiSolutions

If you want to only contact one of us, just take the forename and attach @wtower.de.

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